Labyrinth Data

Labyrinth Data Services provides web hosting, backup and data storage services for people who want fast, reliable and friendly service without the usual marketing blather associated with larger companies. We’re small enough to remember that you, the customer, exist, yet large enough to provide a quality of service that surpasses that of our competitors.

You won’t find photos of generic smiling models running down beaches or men pointing importantly at racks of servers here – we don’t bother wasting time and money on stuff like that. We prefer to spend effort getting things like our servers, our plans and our support polished, so that we don’t waste your time or money either.

We live and breathe open source software – all our servers run Ubuntu Server Edition with KVM virtualisation, we use Django/Apache for our management platform, PostgreSQL for databases, and Mercurial for version tracking. We believe the level of service we provide our customers has been made possible thanks to this wealth of open, enterprise-hardened tools.

We include ourselves among the people who have bought web hosting services from faceless companies, and have experienced the frustrations of server downtime and restrictive limits. It is possible to do better than this; and we can prove it – that was one of the primary reasons why we established Labyrinth Data Services. We offer you stable, secure, fast and reliable web hosting and backup at competitive prices, because that’s what we set out to do.

Male Strippers For Melbourne Bachelorettes

Male Strippers For Melbourne Bachelorettes

If you are in charge of planning a bachelorette party for a friend or family member, it is likely you want to make sure the guest of honor and other guests have fun during the event. SeeingĀ Male strippers Melbourne Magic Hens is a great way to kick back and relax while having a few laughs with those celebrating with the bride-to-be. Here are some tips to make a party with male strippers melbourne one sure to be memorable for all involved.

Alert The Guests To The Location

Do not inform the bachelorette about where the party is being held, but make it a priority to tell the other guests. This way they will be able to dress appropriately for the fun they are about to have. When going to see male strippers melbourne, many people tend to put on their best outfit. This is helpful in trying to attract attention from the male strippers melbourne, possibly enticing a few to come closer to the area where the party is seated.

Reserve An Area For The Fun

When setting up the event, speaking to a coordinator at the location to find out where seating will be arranged is best. Pick out tables in an area with the best view of the male strippers melbourne. It is important to note where speakers are set up as well so the noise level will not be too loud. Reserving seating in advance of the party will ensure each participant has a spot where they can view the male strippers melbourne without any obstructions in the way.

Encourage Guests To Get Involved

When the party starts, let the guests know they are encouraged to give their approval for any part of the act they find exceptionally pleasing. Yelling out to dancers, standing up and dancing, clapping, and of course, giving them a tip, will help to get the male strippers melbourneĀ in the mood to mosey over toward the table to give the party goers a closer look at their performance. Giving the guests a pep talk before the show starts often does the trick.

Have A Ride Available For Participants

When going to see male strippers melbourne, the chance to indulge in alcoholic beverages will be present. Because of this, it is wise to have a designated ride available for each guest who will be attending the party. Think about renting a taxi or party bus to bring guests to and from the show. This way, the male strippers melbourne will be enjoyed without having to refrain from drinking if desired.

Hand Out Goody Bags Upon Arrival

Consider giving each guest a small bag of items they will find to be entertaining and useful during the show. Include bills to be given to the gentlemen during the show, making it easy for those invited to participate in the action without having to dig into their own purses until their stash has been depleted. Sample sized perfumes or cosmetics will also be handy for a touch-up between sets if desired.