Apply for Caravan Insurance

Apply for Caravan Insurance

Getting caravan insurance is as easy as just filling a comprehensive form online and the rest is taken care of by the insurance company. However, making mistakes or omitting any vital information could lead to denial of claim. So here are a couple of things you need to know while getting Youi Caravan Insurance.

Type of Caravan

The type of caravan you own determines the type of premium you get for it. Generally, there are four caravan types: touring caravans, static caravans, trailer tents, and folding caravans. Each of these caravan types is insured differently, thus you have to know the model of your caravan. Luckily, you can do an online search on the kind of caravan you have by listing its characteristics.

Filling the Online Insurance Form

Gone are the days when getting caravan insurance meant driving all the way to a physical office. With just a laptop, ample internet connectivity and the comfort of your home, you can apply for caravan policy cover instantly. However, you have to be really careful with how you fill those online forms by ensuring that you don’t leave any important information out or lie knowingly.

The online caravan insurance form will ask for your basic personal details like name, age, physical address, identification details, and driving license information among others. You will also need to fill in the details of your caravan like how old it is, when you purchased it, size of the van, the serial or CRIS registration number, and location of the caravan (or where it’s stored). You may also have to give details about the security of your current region.

If you use your caravan for touring, you will be requested for additional information such as your driving qualifications as well as towing qualification. You will also need to give details on how frequently your caravan is professionally serviced. All these will be necessary if your caravan insurance is to be successfully processed.

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Other things to know

If you give all the above information correctly, your order will be viable for processing. Here are a couple other things to note about caravan insurance.

Being part of a caravan club could come in as a great advantage. If it’s a club that is highly recognized, you could land yourself great quotes on your premium prices. So find suitable caravan clubs within your local area, especially of you own a touring caravan.

Before you settle for any caravan insurance policy, first do some window shopping to get different quotes. It’s easy especially with the internet in your hands—just send a couple of insurance companies quote requests then compare how much you will pay on each and if there are added benefits to enjoy.

Once you get your caravan policy cover approved, be on the good side and aim to take care of your van. Slight mistakes like overloading or parking heavy items the wrong way could lead to denial of claims. Accordingly, take care of your van first before the insurance company can do it for you.

Bottom Line

Today, more than ever, it’s become easier to apply for caravan insurance cover. Just ensure that you know the kind of caravan you own to correctly fill in the details on the online application form.

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